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Doctoral Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology

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The PhD (Dr. phil.) in Social and Cultural Anthropology is supervised and examined at the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy (FB 03).

If you are interested in obtaining a doctorate in Social and Cultural Anthropology, please first contact the Chair of Social and Cultural Anthropology or another authorized examiner among the faculty in order to discuss your project and resolve further questions.

When you have agreed with one of the examiners on the supervision of your thesis, you can be formally registered as a doctoral student at the Department. Please pay attention to the application guidelines and follow the instructions for the application form. Hand in these documents to the Dean's Office of the Department 03, to Ms. Dr. Drescher-Bonny. The doctoral committee will formally decide on your acceptance as a doctoral candidate.

On April 15, 2010, the new doctoral regulations of June 17, 2009 came into effect in the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy. For PhD students who were accepted as doctoral candidates before April 15, 2010, the old doctoral regulations of July 9, 1984, last amended in 2001, apply.

Further information and forms for registration as well as for the opening of the doctoral process can be found on the departmental website.

The Graduate Center of Humanities and Social Sciences, which has existed since 2005, was integrated into the MARA (Marburg University Research Academy) in 2015. The MARA opens up an offer for interdisciplinary networking and promotion of their dissertation to doctoral students in Marburg.

Overview of the doctorates currently running at the department

Overview of completed doctorates and habilitations