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Transregional Colloquium

The transregional colloquium is a yearly interdisciplinary meeting held between the professorships of Benedikt Stuchtey (University of Marburg), Julia Angster (University of Mannheim) and Roland Wenzelhuemer (University of Munich). The transregional colloquium is used to foster discussion, exchange, and debate on theoretical and methodological questions in the fields of global and imperial history. Current doctoral and habilitation projects from the respective chairs make up the presentations.

  • Meeting March 2021

    In March 2021, the colloquium met for the first time in a digital space as a result of ongoing COVID-19 regulations. In addition to three interesting project presentations, one from each university, the ongoing pandemic’s impact on the academic life and practices of historians (and scholars more broadly) was a significant theme of the meeting. Several topics were considered, including the limitation of access to archives, the digitalisation of archival material, and the effects of digitisation on the wider field of the historical sciences. Advice was given on the practical side for dealing with the uncertain situation for early-career researchers and how to deal with the cancellation of workshops, projects or conferences. While frustrated, the group expressed hope that the shared, global experience could result in positive changes and new ideas within the academy.

    The next meeting is scheduled for February 2023.