23.04.2021 Event Series: Film & Ecology

Filmstill „DRIFT“(R: Wittmann, 2017)
Filmstill „DRIFT“(R: Wittmann, 2017)
Filmstill „DRIFT“(R: Wittmann, 2017)

The last few years have seen an increase in debates about the weather, climate change, and species protection. At the same time, scholars in film and media studies have begun to address these issues within a broader media ecology while also participating in an ecological critique of film. Meanwhile, new approaches like ecocriticism and ecocinema have raised questions about specifically ecological aesthetics; and concepts such as green cinema or green production are opening up promising avenues of research, particularly in English-speaking countries. This series of events will examine these ecological themes in greater detail.
How can we talk about ecology, media, and art from the perspective of media studies? Is there a way to combine these different fields of expertise? Together with our guests, we will take a closer look at film and media analysis, aesthetic experience, and critical theories of nature and culture. Discussions will be aided by examples from film and other visual arts.


Thu, April 29

Cinema of Elements and Ecoaesthetics: DRIFT (2017)

5 pm MESZ: Screening DRIFT & 19-20:30 Uhr: Helena Wittmann (film direction, concept, camera, editing, Hamburg) & Theresa George (concept, acting Hamburg) in conversation with Tina Kaiser (in German),

Tue, May 11

Underwater and Solar Art

8:30-10 a.m. MESZ: Jürgen Claus (Diver and Underwater/Solar artist, Aachen/Baelen) in conversation with Angela Krewani (in German),

Tue, June 1

Deutscher NaturfilmPreis and Darßer NaturfilmFestival

5 pm MESZ Screening AUF DÜNNEM EIS (Award Winner in 2020) & 7-8:30 pm MESZ:
Annett Storm (Managing Director Förderverein Nationalpark Boddenlandschaft e.V., Wieck a. Darß) & Kai Lüdeke (Festical Director & Manager, Wieck a. Darß)
In conversation with Tina Kaiser (in German),

Wed, July 7

Documentary and the Nonhuman

5 pm MESZ: Screening B.F. SKINNER PLAYS HIMSELF (work in progress) & 7–8:30 pm MESZ: Ted Kennedy (filmmaker, New York/US) and Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa (Seattle University) in conversation with Sophia Gräfe (in English),


All events take place online. Registration and event access information will be provided via the corresponding e-mail address.

Film and Ecology is an event series organized by Tina Kaiser in collaboration with Sophia Gräfe & Angela Krewani. It is supported by the QSL funds of the State of Hesse.