21.11.2023 New publication: How Film Histories Were Made: Materials, Methods, Discourses, ed. by Malte Hagener and Yvonne Zimmermann

Malte Hagener and Yvonne Zimmermann (eds.): 
How Film Histories Were Made: Materials, Methods, Discourses

This book is specifically dedicated to film history’s own history: It provides insights into the fabrication of film histories and the discourses on their materials and methods in the past in order to better understand and reconsider film history today. The interventions unpack unspoken assumptions and hidden agendas that determine film historiography until today, also with the aim to act as a critical reflection on the potential future orientation of the field. The edited volume proposes a transnational, entangled and culturally diverse approach towards an archaeology of film history, while paying specific attention to persons, objects, infrastructures, regions, institutional fields and events hitherto overlooked. It explores past and ongoing processes of doing, undoing and redoing film history. Thereby, in a self-reflective gesture, it also draws attention to our own work as film historians.

The book is published open access by Amsterdam University Press. Further details can be found on the publisher's webpage.