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  • Lukas Jakob, Comparison of Post-Quantum Public-Key Encryption Schemes
  • Maximilian Clauswitz, Blockchain-based digital sick notes
  • Mahdi Jou, BIP39 Wallet Recovery With Potential Passphrases
  • Bastian Engel, Efficient Implementation Strategies for Block Ciphers on ARMv8
  • Sebastian Pusch, Entwurf und Implementierung von Zero-Knowledge-basierten Transparency Dictionaries
  • Felix Ludwig, Practically Exploiting the DualEC Random Number Generator Backdoor
  • Paul Nieder, Analysis of efficiency in hash collision search algorithms
  • Till Caspar, Cryptanalysis of the UOS block cipher modes of operation


  • Philip Brambring, Forgery Attacks on Authenticated Encryption Schemes
  • Walid El Kassem, Practical Demonstration of Padding Oracle Attacks in TLS
  • Matthias Kröll, Strategien für Ende-Zu-Ende Sicherheit in verteilten Gesundsheitsanwendungen
  • Lukas Ruppel, Analysis of Attacks on the McEliece Cryptosystem


  • Michel Wagner, Anwendungen von Blockchains und Smart Contracts im Gesundheitswesen
  • Amgad Mahmoud, Analysis of Symmetric Cryptographic Algorithms with Mixed Integer Linear Programming


  • Johannes Schick, Praktische Demonstration von Schwachstellen in TLS
  • Patrick Kempf, Hochgeschwindigkeitsimplementierungen neuer kryptografischer Algorithmen auf der ARMv8-Plattform



  • Patrick Kempf, Design and Prototypical Implementation of a Cloud Access Security Broker
  • Johannes Schick, Whitebox-Transformation kryptografischer Algorithmen für nicht vertrauenswürdige Geräte
  • Magdalena Buski, Evaluation of security vulnerabilities induced by inadequate use of cryptographic libraries


  • Joscha Zirkelbach, Security Aspects of Mobile Banking Frameworks
  • Christian Schmidt, Efficient Contemporary Cryptography in Rust
  • Hannah Greß, Security and Privacy Assessment of Fitness Trackers