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Distributed model-driven software development

Funded by the German Research Foundation (2014 - 2016).

Model-driven development is a promising paradigm of modern software engineering that is increasingly applied. Modeling software systems at a higher level of abstraction and largely automatic code generation can significantly accelerate software development. However, the generated software systems are usually smaller, since modeling on a large scale is not yet sufficiently supported. Software development in distributed teams needs good support in collaborative work.

In this project we want to create a methodology as well as concepts and tools for distributed model-driven software development and evaluate them using the domain of data-oriented web applications. As a conceptual and formal foundation, we use composite models consisting of model components with explicit import and export interfaces, and their transformation. The methodology and supporting tools are intended to enable distributed modeling processes based on composite models. This includes distributing models and modeling languages from previously undistributed model-driven developments and enabling distributed model-driven reengineering of software systems.

Project Collaborators

Steffen Vaupel, M.Sc.


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