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Mobile Testing

Funded by the BMBF as a ZIM project (2018 - 2020)

While the number of mobile devices and the applications available for them are developing rapidly, the quality assurance of mobile applications is usually not considered enough in this development. The reasons for this are not only the high market pressure and the resulting short development cycles, but also a lack of adaptation of existing test processes for this novel area of software development.

Together with eXept Software AG, we are pursuing the goal of developing a semi-automatic test process for mobile applications in the ZIM project "Mobile Testing". With this test process, mobile applications can be tested with respect to their requirements (specification-based test) as well as with respect to general quality criteria (specification-less test). The test process should additionally be able to identify the relevant context conditions of a mobile application and to generate test variants for these contexts. The execution of these test variants shall be supported on test infrastructures of different types This ensures an efficient test execution. The innovation of this test process lies especially in the specification-based testing of mobile applications in various contexts. The specifications are automatically derived from an existing requirements document in order to subsequently generate test suites. In advance, requirement specifications and implementations can be checked for consistency using models. Since this consistency check can also detect unimplemented requirements, we expect it to have a generally positive effect on the development process of mobile applications.

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eXept Software AG

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