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Advanced Software Lab (for Big Data)

Problem analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of a larger software system. Quality assurance and documentation of the system. Presentation of intermediate and final results.

Qualification goals

  • Working on a larger software development task through all project phases,
  • deepening of programming skills,
  • testing of the work in the team and structuring of the project under guidance after principles of the project management,
  • presentation of work and project results.


Lecturers: Lecturers of computer science
Date for topic presentation under module number: LV-12-079-070
SWS: -, Credit points: 6

Please note that you have to register officially for this course as well!
Registration is done by email to Mrs. Dinklage (see footer of website).

Prerequisites: None. Recommended are the skills taught in the Software Engineering and Software Lab modules.

Deliverables: Software creation (joint delivery of the created system) with final report (documentation) and oral presentation of the results. The module is ungraded.

Information material