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Graph Technologies: Graph Databases, Graph Algorithms, Graph Transformations

Graph databases have proliferated in recent years. The tremendous momentum behind this growth is explained by the increasing value that can be drawn from relationships between objects that can be modeled in a natural way by graphs. Thus, graph databases have great practical relevance for the representation and analysis of social and scientific networks as well as media. They have their own database query languages and provide a set of specialized graph algorithms to enable expressive database queries. Especially for more complex analysis and integration, graph data needs to be prepared, i.e. transformed. Rule-based graph transformations provide a conceptual basis for this.

Qualification goals

  • Overview of current research topics in graph technologies.
  • Understanding and preparation of recent publications in English language.
  • Preparation and holding of a scientific presentation, incl. discussion.
  • Writing of a seminar paper.


Lecturers: Prof. Taentzer, Prof. Komusiewizc, Prof. Seeger
Meeting dates under module number: LV-12-079-315
SWS: 2, Credit points: 3

Prerequisites: None.

Deliverables: Lecture (weight: 1 credit) with written elaboration of a topic (weight: 2 credits).

Additional notes: Current information and announcements about the lecture will always be published in the corresponding Ilias group.