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Low-code Platforms for Business Applications

Low-code platforms are development environments that make it possible to develop a business application much faster. Unlike in a conventional development environment, in low-code developments the applications are not programmed individually, but are created from prefabricated standard software components. Using intelligent metadata, these are adapted to create the desired application. Only a small amount of code is required for completion. This gives rise to the hope that low-code platforms can significantly reduce the cost of software development (low code = low cost).
Low code platforms are offered by large software companies such as Google, Microsoft and Apple as well as open source platforms. In the seminar we will look at and compare a selection of low-code platforms.

Qualification goals

  • Understanding and preparation of recent technical publications in English and of software tools.
  • Preparing and giving a scientific presentation, including discussion.
  • Writing a seminar paper.


Lecturer: Prof. Taentzer
Meeting dates under module number: LV-12-079-349
SWS: 2, Credit points: 3

Prerequisites: None.

Deliverables: Lecture (weight: 1 Credit) with written elaboration of a topic (weight: 2 Credits).

Further notes: Current information and announcements about the course will always be published in the corresponding Ilias group.