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Project Work for Students of Computer Science, Business Informatics and Data Science

Knowledge, methods and techniques from subfields of computer science are applied to a concrete problem. Procedure:

  • Familiarization with and study of literature relevant to the project.
  • Project definition, planning and presentation of the project and its parts in the form of seminar presentations after the familiarization phase.
  • Structuring of the project into sub-problems, time planning of the processing of sub-problems and the integration of partial solutions, definition of sub-groups to process the sub-tasks, definition of interfaces, etc.
  • Documentation and user manuals for software systems.
  • Monitoring the progress of the work and adherence to the schedule.
  • Preparation of a final report, which contains a systematic presentation of the problem worked on and the solution adopted, a description of the factual and temporal structuring of the work on the problem and the compilation and discussion of the results obtained.
  • Presentation of the completed project.

Qualification goals

  • Working on a comprehensive problem from the field of computer science in a team of several students; elaboration, adaptation, extension and development of problem-relevant methods; instruction of the participants to learn, plan and work on their own responsibility,
  • practicing project management and monitoring methods, e.g. goal descriptions, planning, milestones, keeping minutes, deadlines, delegation, controlling; practicing team-related social skills: Collaboration, team development, leadership, motivation, well-structured staff team, working under deadline pressure,
  • mastering methods of documentation and presentation of IT projects for users and third parties in the form of program documentation, project report and, if necessary, publications.


Lecturers: Lecturers of computer science
Date for topic presentation under module number: LV-12-079-110
SWS: -, Credit points: 12
Duration: Two semesters

Please note that you have to register officially for this course as well!
You can register by emailing Mrs. Dinklage (see footer of website).

Prerequisites: None.

Deliverables: Software development (joint delivery of the created system) with final report (documentation of the developed solutions or approaches to solutions) and oral presentation of the results. The module is ungraded.

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