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Software Evolution

The following topics will be covered:

  • Special challenges of long-lived software systems.
  • Technical and organizational aspects of targeted software evolution.
  • Methods, techniques and tools for software evolution.
  • Open problems in software evolution.

Qualification goals

  • Systematic familiarization with a given software project,
  • Elaboration of a coherent evolution plan,
  • execution of a smaller evolution task,
  • training of oral communication skills in exercises by practicing free speech in front of an audience and in discussion,
  • practice of teamwork skills through project work.


Lecturer: Prof. Taentzer
Lecture, exercise and exam dates: Marvin search for the respective module number
Module number of lecture: not known
Module number of exercises: not known
SWS: 2+2, Credit points: 6

Prerequisites: None. Recommended are the competencies taught in the basic computer science modules as well as the advanced modules Software Engineering and Software Practicum.

Deliverables: Attainment of at least 50 percent of the points from the exercise problems to be worked on each week and oral presentation of the solution to at least two of the exercise problems. Oral examination or written exam.

Additional notes: Current information and announcements about the lecture are generally published in the corresponding Ilias group. You can use the Software Engineering folder in Ilias to navigate from there to the current semester and the group matching the course.


  • Tom Mens, Serge Demeyer: Software Evolution. Springer, 2008
  • Tom Mens, Alexander Serebrenik, Anthony Cleve: Evolving Software Systems. Springer, 2014
  • Serge Demeyer, Stephane Ducasse, Oscar Nierstrasz: Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns. 2013

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