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Software Lab

Contents of the Software Lab are

  • problem analysis, design, implementation, quality assurance and documentation of a larger software system based on modern concepts and tools of software engineering,
  • planning and implementation of software projects,
  • iterative software development, in which each iteration stage concludes with a milestone acceptance.

Qualification goals

Hands-on experience in the systematic development of a larger software system along a defined software development process. More specifically:

  • hands-on experience in the design of a larger software system,
  • deepening of modeling and programming skills,
  • hands-on experience in creating high quality software,
  • experimentation with structured teamwork over an extended period of time,
  • learning project management tasks under guidance according to principles of software engineering,
  • practical experience in documenting and presenting project results.


Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Gabriele Taentzer
Lecture, exam dates under module number: LV-12-079-010
Exercise dates under module number: LV-12-079-009
SWS: 4, Credit-Points: 6

Prerequisites: None. Recommended are the competencies taught in the basic modules Object-oriented Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms and in the advanced module Software Engineering.

Deliverables: Software creation (successfully developed software system) with oral presentation. Software artifacts to be created include design models, code, testing, and documentation in multiple sequential iterations. The module is ungraded.

Additional notes: Current information and announcements about the lecture are generally posted in the associated Ilias group. You can use the Software Engineering folder in Ilias to navigate from there to the current semester and the group matching the course.


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