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Software Quality

An important topic in software development is the quality of software. Typical quality criteria are correctness, robustness, changeability, reusability and usability of software. In the course we look at various techniques, such as software metrics, development guidelines, refactoring, design patterns, and testing procedures to examine and improve software according to syntactic and semantic aspects.

Qualification goals

  • overview of possible techniques for quality testing and improvement of software,
  • basic knowledge of the presented techniques,
  • knowledge of typical tools for quality assurance,
  • practice of scientific working methods (recognizing, formulating, solving problems, training of abstraction skills),
  • training of oral communication skills in the exercises by practicing free speech in front of an audience and during discussion.


Lecturer: Prof. Taentzer
Lecture, exam dates under module number: LV-12-079-125
Exercise dates under module number: LV-12-079-126
SWS: 4+2, Credit points: 9

Prerequisites: None. Recommended are the competencies taught in the modules Object-oriented Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures, and Software Engineering.

Deliverables: Successful completion of exercises and passing of a final exam. Grading will be according to the final exam.

Additional notes: Current information and announcements about the lecture are always published in the corresponding Ilias group. You can use the folder Software Engineering in Ilias to navigate from there to the current semester and the group matching the course.


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Tools and tutorials

IntelliJ IDEA,