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40 Years Renthof Postille

The Renthof Postille is the newsletter of the students union. The first issue of the Renthofpostille appeared on November 22nd 1976. So we can look back on a more than 40 year old history. In the first years it contained mainly information about upcoming events and political articles. Furthermore there were several issues per semester. That has changed over the years. Now there are two issues per year, therefore one per semester.

A big part of the Renthofpostille today is the public release of the evaluation of the questionaire of the lectures. Here you can read what other students think about the lectures.

Additionaly some students write articles about big events at our faculty of the last semester. Other students want to share the experiences they had on a semester abroad or at an internship.

Did you do an internship or visit an interesting country? Or do you have another story to share? Well, then tell or write us and contribute to the Renthofpostille. We look forward to hear from you!

Under the link "RHP-Archive" (only available in the intranet) you can find all the Renthofpostillen we found in our archive.