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Prof. Dr. Armin Geyer

Academic Qualifications:


1985 - 1991

Chemistry studies at the Technical University of Munich, Diploma in Chemistry

1991 - 1994 

Ph.D., Technical University of Munich, Thesis: “ Synthese und Strukturanalyse von Thioamidbindungen und reduzierten Amidbindungen in Peptiden“ with honors ( mit Auszeichnung)


Research visit at the Centro Studio Biopolimeri in Padova, Italy

1995 –2000

Habilitation at the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Konstanz “Polyol Shapes“


venia legendi for Organic Chemistry

2000 – 2001

Privatdozent at the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Konstanz

2001 – 2003

Professor for Organic Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, University of Regensburg


Full Professor Organic Chemistry, University of Marburg


Academic Appointments:

1991 - 1994

Research Assistant, Technical University of Munich (BAT IIa/2)

1994 – 1995

Research Associate (BAT IIa), University of Konstanz

1995 –2001

Researcher (C1), University of Konstanz

2001 –2003

Professor (C3), University of Regensburg


Professor (C4), University of Marburg


Research Interests    Synthesis, NMR Spectroscopy, and Molecular Modelling of Glycoconjugates, Peptides and Peptidomimetics - Research Geyer Group (PDF-File german)