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Research and teaching at the Institute of Teacher Education

Schools, as places of public education, are attributed a wide range of functions in the modern world. A school should educate, train and nurture its students. It should help them obtain school-leaving qualifications, prepare them for life and integrate them into society.

The Institute of Teacher Education examines these functions and engages with the most important issues of school education in the context of secondary education. The organisational and social conditions of teaching and learning in schools are examined within the following five research areas:

  • School research and school development (Prof. Heike Ackermann)
  • Research on the teaching profession and courses of education (Prof. Uwe Hericks)
  • Foreign language research (Prof. Frank G. Königs)
  • General didactics and new media (Prof. Susanne Lin-Klitzing)
  • Empirical teaching and scientific research (Prof. Wolfgang Meseth) 

When it comes to Marburg's teacher training course for secondary education, which all prospective teachers have to go through, the Institute of School Pedagogy is responsible for the educational and sociological aspects. The courses on offer at the Institute centre on the principle of the unity of research and teaching. We target the professional competence of prospective teachers through research orientation and theoretical practice reflections.

The teaching and research activities of the Institute of Teacher Education are firmly anchored in the work of the Learning and Research Workshop. This workshop supports teacher training at the Institute, promotes dialogue between theory and practice by maintaining sustainable working relationships between the university, partner schools and extracurricular institutions, and encourages interdisciplinary discussions on innovation in higher education.

Continuing education

The part-time Post-Professional Master's in Cultural Education in Schools is a collaboration between the Department of Education and the ALTANA Cultural Foundation and is supported by the Institute of Teacher Education and the Institute of Sport and Motology. The degree course is aimed primarily at educators and artists in cultural institutions who are engaged in cultural education.