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Institutionalized Life Circumstances in Times of Corona

Term: 10/2020 to 00/2021

Project management and coordination: Prof.  Dr phil. habil. Hendrik Trescher

Implementing institutions: Professorship for educational sciences with a special focus on "Inclusion and Exclusion" at Philipps University Marburg in cooperation with Lebenshilfe Frankfurt am Main e.V.

Research assistant(s):  Peter Nothbaum, BA

Financing: Philipps University Marburg

The study "Institutionalized Life Circumstances in Times of Corona" examines the impact of the COVID-1 pandemic, and that of the measures taken in the context pandemic, on the realities in living of institutionalized people. The study is being conducted as a teaching research project.  Discussion-based thematic interviews with staff from different institutions are used to explore the research interest.  The institutions differ in their structural organization and address different groups of people, but they can be subsumed under the ideal type of 'total institution' (Goffman).  The focus of the study therefore lies on the reconstruction of the (changing) living conditions of institutionalized people during corona, as well as on a comparison of the institutions studied. Building on this, and framed empirically and theoretically, a discussion of what the insights gained mean for educational practices in these institutions takes place .  Special focus is on the living situation of people with complex impairments.