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The Department

Foto: Uwe Feldbusch

The department is made up of three institutes – the Institute of Educational Science, the Institute of School Pedagogy and the Institute of Sport and Motology – and offers a range of different degree courses.

The Dean's Office

The Dean's Office in Department 21 consists of the Dean, Vice Dean and the Dean of Studies, well as the associated spokespersons and administrative staff. The duties and responsibilities of the Dean's Office are laid out, inter alia in the Hessische Hochschulgesetz (Hesse Higher Education Act – HHG), the constitution of Philipps-Universität Marburg and departmental regulations. The Dean's Office "manages the department and is responsible for everything that the departmental council is not responsible for. The Dean's Office prepares the decisions to be made by the departmental council and carries them out. It reaches agreements with the President's Office on its objectives and decides on the utilization of human and material resources as regards structural and developmental planning as well as commitments made to the endowment of a subject area. It is also responsible for the organisation and planning of students' courses and exams, and provides administrative support in matters of evaluation and assessment." (see, inter alia, Section 45 (1) HHG)

The Dean is in charge of allocating duties and representation.

As such, the Dean of Studies is currently the point of contact for all issues relating to courses, classrooms and allocation of rooms. This includes reviewing all teaching and examination responsibilities, and answering questions that arise as a result of the introduction of MARVIN (iCM).

The Vice Dean co-ordinates teacher training in Department 21.

Please contact the Dean’s Office for all questions regarding the department’s staff, budget or any other issue.