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Contact tracking

Beispiel eines Plakats zur Kontaktverfolgung
Foto: HRZ

In order to track infection chains, Philipps University is required to collect contact data from all participants of an attendance event. Therefore, event rooms are equipped with posters at the entrances for digital and data protection compliant contact data collection via the web application is a service of the Bavarian Institute for Municipal Data Processing.

How works is a pure web application. It does not require a locally installed app. When using it for the first time, the necessary contact data must be entered on the website valid for the room. The respective valid website can be accessed via the QR code indicated on the poster or the short URL also indicated. This data can then be secured with a PIN. The next time the data is used, it is sufficient to enter the PIN. The data is stored in encrypted form and used exclusively for any necessary tracking by the health department. Decryption can only be performed by
individual members of the administration or the HRZ. Decrypted lists of individual events will only be shared with the Health Department as required by law. Deletion takes place automatically after the specified period of one month.

In this context, please note that when using the QR code app on iOS smartphones (Apple), a protected browser environment is opened that does not allow cookies in the browser and thus prevents PIN-based use for further use. For iOS, it is therefore recommended to use the camera app to scan the QR code. On Android-based smartphones, cookies may have to be allowed in the browser. Alternatively, a laptop or similar can be used to access the website via the short URL.


  1. Before entering the event room, the QR code on the poster must be scanned with the smartphone camera or any QR code app that may be required. Alternatively, the short URL indicated above the QR code can be entered in the web browser of the smartphone or computer. The QR code and the short URL lead to a website that is uniquely assigned to the event room.
  2. On the website assigned to the room, all necessary contact data or the PIN set after initial use must be entered.
  3. At the end of the event, participants can actively log out. However, there is also an automatic logout after 120 minutes. Should the event last longer, this is harmless, as in this case all persons registered during the event period will be taken into account in any necessary contact tracking.

It is possible to check in additional people who do not have their own smartphone at hand. Alternatively, participants can contact the event management.