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Conference Support

In order to make your planned conference, congress, working group, workshop, review or symposium in the rooms of the Philipps-Universität a success, we are available to you in advance with advice and support.

  • Conference Venue (Event and Preparation Rooms, Exhibition Space)

    Audimax, Alte Aula, the lecture room of the University Library and the large seminar room in the Sprachatlas are well suited for conferences. Most of the other rooms also have multimedia equipment, but are designed for lectures and are therefore only suitable for conferences to a limited extent.

    Room Booking

    • The rooms mentioned above are allocated centrally, see Conference Organization (GER).
    • For further lecture halls and seminar rooms, please contact the departments and institutions directly.
    • PC pools can be booked at the University Computer Center for a fee. We are happy to help you find an available pool.
    • Smaller rooms, corridors, foyers can serve as preparation rooms, registration/accreditation locations, parking spaces for exhibitors or receptions. If you need a telephone and/or
      internet there, please contact us.

    For the use of the permanently installed PCs, a login
    (Students-/Staff-/AD-/Functional-/(chargeable) Guest Account) is always required.

  • Multimedia Devices, Telephones, Fax

    • Your own laptop can be connected to the beamer with cables on site. Internet access is possible via WIFI or a LAN cable.
    • If you need a laptop, screen, beamer, video camera, etc., you can borrow these and much more in the multimedia lending desk of the University Library.
    • Telephone connections with your own telephone number incl.
      apparatus are available at the University Computer Center. Please fill out the telephone application form (GER). We do not lend mobile phones.
    • If you want to use a fax, we can provide you with a fax connection. Please also use the telephone application form. We do not lend fax machines.
  • Internet (Access and WIFI)

    You and your guests need personal access to the Internet (WIFI, wired) for the demo PCs and the PCs in the PC rooms.
    This can be a student or staff account, a functional account available in the department or institution, or a (chargeable) guest account.

    • Members of other universities can usually access WIFI via eduroam with their own university access code.
    • For up to 250 guests as well as for external organizers, anonymous guest accounts with costs can be provided. More information about the procedure, conditions and fees can be
      found under "Central User Account for anonymous guests".

  • Briefing and Supervision for your Event

    Go through the selected rooms with the caretakers. Often, you can already clarify the most important technical questions. In addition, our multimedia technicians will instruct you or your conference assistants on how to use the technology on site. You may also be given the key to the media cabinet.

    We cannot offer technical support during the event, but weare in contact with regional companies that can provide professional support for your events.

  • Web Conferences, Recordings, Transmissions - Hybrid Events

    Web Conferences
    There are various web conferencing systems to choose from. The possibilities and the range of functions can be found under Web conferences. In some lecture halls and larger event rooms of the university, the audio technology (microphones) can be connected to the web conferencing systems, see "Web conferencing in the lecture hall" [GER] (only accessible within the university). With a mobile wireless audio conferencing system, each person present at hybrid events can be addressed directly.

    The web conference systems usually offer options for recording.
    For recordings (image/sound) of face-to-face events, the multimedia lending department of the UB offers equipment for loan. Please note that prior to the event, the recording must be pointed out or the consent for a recording must be given.

    Video Transmissions to other Rooms (e.g. Auditorium Building)
    We can't offer this option. But we do support external companies.


For the first contact, please write to . Ideally immediately with the following information: