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Multimedia-Equipment Loan

Staff and students of Philipps University can borrow multimedia equipment, such as laptops, projectors, cameras, audio systems and additional accessories, usually free of charge for use in teaching and research.

List of Equipment on Loan

  • Projectors
  • Screens
  • Camcorders
  • Cameras
  • Tripods
  • Audio systems
  • Loudspeakers
  • Audio recorders
  • Audio accessories
  • Laptops
  • Accessories
  • Camtasia sets

How to Go about Borrowing Equipment...

  • Planning

    Read our list of multimedia equipment available to borrow and decide which combination of equipment you require. If you are unsure as to which equipment is the most suitable for your function or project, you can of course contact us and we will be pleased to advise you personally on the best choice for your needs.

    Useful tip: If your meeting is being held in university buildings, it is a good idea to find out what multimedia equipment is already permanently installed in your chosen venue by looking up the Raum-Dokumentationen des Hochschulrechenzentrums (University Computer Centre information on electronic equipment installed in university buildings). It is possible that everything you need is already installed and you can save yourself the trouble of organising equipment to borrow.

  • Reservation / Loan Request

    When you have decided which pieces of equipment you need, you can submit a Loan Request by filling out our web form. We will then check whether the selected pieces of equipment are available on the dates you require them and reserve them for you. We will email you, confirming your reservation and the specified date of collection.

    Important: For the reservation and loan transaction you need a University Library user ID card (Ucard/university ID card). If you do not already possess one, you must apply for it (Application for a user ID card) beforehand.

    If you want to activate your university ID card for use in the Library, you will also have to present both your university ID card and your official identity card, as well as a valid employment contract.

    A reservation for equipment not collected on the specified date expires the following day.

  • Collection

    Before collecting your material, please print out the borrowing slip from the reservation confirmation and bring the signed slip with you on the agreed collection date. Collection times for the equipment are: Monday – Thursday from 10:00 – 16:00 and Friday 10:00 – 14:00 at the service desk in the University Library media centre (1st floor East)

    Important:  For Identification purposes we require an official ID, your Ucard, and if a student, your student ID.

    Collection location and date are also noted on the confirmation. We carry out a performance test in your presence and, if you wish, we can also show you how to operate the equipment.

    A reservation for equipment not collected on the specified date expires the following day.

  • During the loan period

    If problems or questions about operating the equipment arise during the loan period, you can contact the team in the media centre and ask for assistance.

  • Return of Equipment

    The equipment must be returned on the date agreed on your copy of the borrowing slip (Monday – Thursday from 08:00 - 15:30 and Friday 08:00 - 14:00).

    On return of the equipment another performance test will be carried out and you can give us your feedback. This enables us to remedy any faults or problems.

  • Charges

    Students and members of all faculties and university institutions can borrow the equipment free of charge. For example:

    • use of a projector in a seminar listed in the university lecture calendar.
    • use of recording equipment for a thesis
    • a student film project related to a seminar

    If an entrance fee is charged for the function, or if the function has no direct connection to research and teaching, fees for the use of borrowed and permanently installed multimedia equipment in the booked venue may be charged. The price range is orientated according to the classification of functions in the Conditions for the Hiring of Premises in Philipps University, § 4.

  • FAQ

    Who is allowed to use borrowed multimedia equipment?
    Our multimedia equipment on loan is intended primarily for use in university buildings and external premises often used by the university. If you intend to use the equipment anywhere else, please inform us beforehand.

    Where is the reserved equipment located, where can I collect it?
    Loan services are available at the Media Center office in the University Library (+1/3120), Deutschhausstraße 9, 35037 Marburg, Germany.

    What is the maximum borrowing period for the equipment?
    The maximum borrowing period is two weeks. In exceptional cases the borrowing period may be extended. Please contact us if you need an extension.

    How much does the loan of multimedia equipment cost?
    There is no charge for loans of multimedia equipment for all university functions (seminars and lectures, conferences, public lectures etc.) or for functions associated with the university for which there is no entrance fee.

    Who is responsible for damage to the equipment?
    The borrower of the equipment is personally responsible for any damage to the equipment.

    Can the equipment be borrowed at short notice?
    In general, your reservation request for equipment should be submitted at least three working days before you plan to use it. An early reservation ensures that the equipment you want will be available on the required dates.

    How can I transport the equipment?
    The borrower is responsible for transport of the equipment. Smaller pieces can be carried without any problems on public transport. Most of our other equipment can be transported in medium-sized or estate cars.

    Are batteries also included in the equipment?
    Generally, there are no batteries in the equipment. The borrower is responsible for seeing that sufficient charged batteries are available for use in the equipment. Sometimes batteries used by the previous borrower are still in the equipment. But check first.

    What happens to my reserved equipment if I do not collect it?
    You can telephone us on the day for which the equipment has been reserved and ask us to hold the equipment for you. If you fail to notify us, your reservation will expire the next day.