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Room and Seat Reservation

In the University Library there are several group workspaces, single study rooms and lots of seats available to users. You can reserve study rooms and seats via the Room and Seat Reservation System. It is not essential to reserve the room – any room or seat not occupied can be used at any time. Please note that not every room or seat can be reserved online.

Link to the Room and Seat Reservation System

What Must You Bear in Mind When Reserving a Room?

  • The rooms can only be reserved by members of the University with a valid Uni-account.
  • Seats/rooms can be reserved for the current day.
  • Seats/rooms can be reserved up to seven days in advance.
  • Every University member may make up to four reservations in advance.
  • Every University member can make one reservation per day.
  • A seat/room can be reserved for a maximum of three hours.
  • Any seats/rooms not taken 15 minutes after the start of the booking period may be taken by other users

How it works:

  • Reservation: Log in with your Uni-Account, select a free seat and time, select the duration and confirm your reservation.
  • Finding your way in the building: During the booking process you find a link to our virtual map, which shows the location of your seat in the building.
  • Cancellation: Log in with your Uni-account, select the reserved seat and cancel the reservation.