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How to order Materials in the Book Stacks

  • How to order in Katalog Plus

    Search for the title in Katalog Plus and when you have found it, you will see whether the book is located inthe University Library or in one of the decentralized branch libraries. You can order literature located in the University Library directly over the button “Order” (Bestellen) highlighted in grey as long as the loan information “available for borrowing”(“ausleihbar”) and the loan status “available” (“verfügbar”) are indicated.

  • How to order Materials in the other University Library Catalogues

    When you have found a title in one of the other Library catalogues, you can order it via the button “Order (“Bestellen”). It is also possible to order a title using the Order Form

  • How can guest users order without a User ID Card?

    Media in the book stacks not open to the public can be ordered for guest users not in possession of a User ID card through the Order Form.
    The required titles are removed from the book stacks and placed in the Special Reading Room (Sonderlesesaal) on floor level 2 in the western section of the building.

     When filling out the order form you must include the book number, the title of the book as well as your full name. The best way to do this is to search in Katalog Plus, then copy the data into the order form.

    Please note that the books ordered can only be consulted in the Special Reading Room and only on production of a valid official photo ID. The books cannot be borrowed without a valid User ID Card.

  • What to do if the required book has already been borrowed?

    You can reserve a book that has already been borrowed. Please use the button “Reserve” (“Vormerken”) to do this. As soon as the required book is available, you will receive an email informing you that the book is on the Collection Shelf in the University library and ready to be collected by you.

  • How long do I have to wait before my books are delivered?

    The holdings are stored in the University Library Book Stacks and also in separate storage facilities in the Lahntal and on the Lahnberge. The delivery times vary accordingly.
    In general the holdings stored in the University Library Book Stacks are available within 2 hours. Orders submitted up to 16:00 are processed on the same day.

    Orders placed after the  Loans Department opening hours are available on the following working day from 10:00 onwards.

    For orders from the separate storage facilities you will find the information “Delivery next day” under “Location” (“Standort”) when you click on “Order.”

    The following rule applies:

    Orders placed before 10:00 on a working day, can be collected on the same day after 15:30.
    Orders placed after 10:00 and before the weekend are available for collection on the following working day from ca. 15:30 onwards.
    For orders via Katalog Plus or OPAC you can look up your User Account and see if the order has already been placed on the Collection Shelf. In the case of orders with the free order form and journal orders you can contact the Loans Department (Tel. 06421 2825143).
    Please note: Saturdays do NOT count as workdays!

  • How long do ordered and reserved media remain on the collection shelves?

     If you have reserved a book and been notified that the title is ready for collection in the University Library, you have a week to collect the volume.

  • What does “Loans Dept.”, “Media Centre” or “Special Reading Room” on the online order form mean?

    If you are allowed to borrow a book for home use, you will be directed to the Loans Service Desk.

    Exceptions to this rule are books published before 1900 and particularly valuable holdings which can only be consulted in the Special Reading Room in the University Library.

    Special materials which require corresponding equipment for their use are available for consultation solely in the Media Centre.