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The Library as Learning Center

The University Library provides a suitable environment for all requirements relating to research, working, and learning, including on-site technical support to all its users.

Information on the opening hours, addresses etc, of the Branch Libraries attached to the University Library is available directly from these.

In the main building on the Firmanei Campus you will find reading places, workstations, work booths and group study rooms located throughout the Library. Computer workstations are available on the ground- floor work area or in the media center on Level 1. The Library also provides family-friendly facilities on the ground floor consisting of two parent-child rooms and a private area for breastfeeding. For speedy orientation it is worthwhile having a look at the following overview page and our virtual building floor-plan.

  • Barrier-free accessibility

    For barrier-free accessibility in the University Library see "Help for Users with a Physical Impairment".

  • Ground-Floor Work Area

    The ground-floor work area has 26 PCs, three of which are barrier-free, and all available for either individual or group study. Small groups (4-6 persons) can have a place in the designated area specially set aside for intensive work. More PC workstations with IT support are located in the Media Center.

  • Media Center

    The University Library Media Center provides the support network for research, teaching, and study using audiovisual media (AV media).

    The key element of this support network is the PC-Pool with 110 workstations managed by the University Computer Center (HRZ). With the exception of two anonymous computers for guest users, all the PCs can be accessed using a valid HRZ account log-in.

  • Work Areas

    Users can find individual work booths, group-study rooms, as well as rooms for special purposes, distributed over the various levels of the University Library:

    Individual work booths:

    • 29 work booths on the First Floor East
    • 8 work booths on the Third Floor East, one of which is suitable for wheelchair users (show location).
  • Group-Study Rooms

    • 13 group-study rooms on the First Floor in the Media Center, several of which are equipped with flat screens and suitable for 6-8 people (show location)
    • A large group-study room on the Third Floor has flexible seating options (show location)
  • Rooms for Special Purposes

    • 7 work booths in the Media Center for viewing audiovisual materials (show location)
    • 4 group rooms in the Media Center for viewing audiovisual materials (show location)
    • 3 work rooms for visually impaired users (Ground Floor) (show location)
    • 2 parent-child rooms (Ground Floor) (show location)

    Most of the group rooms, rooms for special purposes, and work rooms can be reserved in advance using the Room Reservation System but this is not obligatory.

    Please Note: Reservations of rooms for special purposes (parent-child rooms and AV viewing and editing booths) are only valid for these purposes.

  • Training and Course Rooms

    The University Library – frequently in co-operation with other institutions – offers a comprehensive programme of orientation tours, courses on how to find literature for research, and training in the use of IT programmes. These take place in various rooms:

    • Course Room on the Ground Floor equipped with permanently installed laptops, as well as partially mobile furnishings and projection equipment (show location)
    • Course Room Media Center with permanently installed computer workspaces, special software and projection equipment (show location)
    • Group Room No. 50 with flexible seating for special learning and work scenarios (show location)

    The Training Room in the Media Center is the only room suitable for courses on media production and editing.

    Please direct reservation inquiries to

  • Textbook Collection

    The University Library’s textbook collection is located on the Ground Floor and is open access (show location). Please note that the text book collections of some subjects are to be found in the relevant decentralised Branch Libraries (Law, Economics, Medicine, Psychology, Theology, Religious Studies, Mathematics, Information Technology).

  • Special Reading Room

    The special reading room is located on the second floor, west side of the building (show location).

    Desk Bookshelves:  Workspaces in the special reading room are reserved for those users writing their final examination thesis.
  • Lounge Areas

    Lounge Areas are distributed over four stories in the University Library building. They provide a relaxing environment where you can engage in quiet conversation with other users, or just relax and enjoy the views. You can find the exact location of each of the lounge areas by consulting the virtual map of the Library building. Please note our general information on how to use the University Library as a learning venue.

  • Virtual Map of the University Library Building

    The virtual map of the university building is intended to aid users to find their way around the large, newly constructed University Library building. It is also linked to the Library holdings in the online-catalogue and directs you to the exact location of books in the open-access stacks.

    Link to the Virtual Map of the University Library Building