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Printing, Copying, Scanning

Throughout the University Library building there are several centrally located rooms where you can use your Ucard to print, copy and scan your materials.

Multifunctional machines are available for speedy copying, printing, and use of the University Computer Centre scan- to-mail system. Book scanners facilitate easy digitalisation of text passages from print media. Microfilm and microfiche scanners permit a modern use of the University Library’s comprehensive collection of these media, from dissertations to historical newspapers and journals.

  • Locations of multifunctional machines for printing, copying, scanning

    These multifunctional machines are located in separate office equipment rooms:

    Copying room, printing, scanning:
    On Level 0 (show location)
    In the Media Centre (Level 1 East) (show location)
    On Level 2 (show location)
    On Level 3 (show location)

    Flatbed scanners:
    2 flatbed scanners are located in the first two rows near the service desk in the PC-Pool on Level 0 (show location)
    2 more are to be found in the Media Centre (Level 1 East) (show location)

    Book scanners:
    There is a book scanner on Level 3, West and East (show location)
    Another book scanner is available for users of material only for consultation in the Special Reading Room.

    Microfilm/Microfiche Scanners:
     Microform scanners are to be found in the PC Pool Media Centre (Level 1 East) (show location) and can be used free of charge. If you want to look through or scan a larger quantity of materials, you can reserve a machine in advance.

  • Instruction manuals

    University Library Quick Guides to Printing (PDF) and Scanning (PDF)
    Click here for the manufacturer’s instruction manual for model no. 454e and C 386.

    Scan-to-Mail for members of the university. The configuration for students and the University Computer Centre manual.

    Instruction manual for the book scanners (PDF)

  • Fees for use

    A4 black and white – 4 cent
    A3 black and white – 8 cent
    A4 colour – 35 cent
    A3 colour – 70 cent

    Scanning (with book scanner and scan-to-mail):
    Any size and colour – per scan 2 Cent

    Scanning (with flatbed, microfilm and microfiche scanner):
    Free of charge

  • Technical equipment data

    Multifunctional machines (454e and C368):
    Copying surface: suitable for books and maps with a maximum format DIN A3 and 2 kilo weight.
    Scan resolution: 600 dpi x 600 dpi
    Print resolution: 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi
    Colour gradation: 256

    Special features: automatic paper feed, preview function (only black-and-white printers)
    The recycling paper used is:
    Steinbeis Evolution White, see manufacturer's leaflet

  • Technical service

    The technical servicing of the new copying machines is the responsibility of Konica-Minolta.
    This includes:
    Installation, wiring (electric and data connection),
    Running of the machines, including repair service,
    Office supplies (toner/paper).

    In case of machine malfunction the firm can be contacted under:
    Telephone-No.: 0800 86 46 272

    When reporting a fault or malfunction please do not neglect to give the following essential information:
    Host name of the copying machine (on the machine label)
    Copying machine model
    Street, room number
    Your telephone number

    If you cannot reach the technical service by telephone, you can leave a message on the mailbox. Generally you will be contacted within an hour. Sometimes, however, there may be a longer delay, possibly up to midday. Please do not forget to leave your email address details on the mailbox message.