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Open Access

Open Access means free online access to scientific and academic publications. Scientific publications are made available to everybody without financial, legal, or technical barriers. This ensures simple, speedy and long-term dissemination.

The aims of the Open Access Initiative were stated in 2003 in the Berlin Declaration and signed by several German and international research organisations. In 2009 the Heidelberg Appeal supported an opposite standpoint to the Open Access movement. Further information on open access can be found via the information platform, including information on open access strategies for Green Open Access and Gold Open Access.

Open Access at Philipps-University Marburg

In March 2015 Philipps-University Marburg adopted an Open Access Policy. The University encourages its academics to publish their research results according to its Open Access Policy and make them available to the global scientific community and the general public. A search of Web of Science and PubMed in 2014 revealed that out of more than 2000 publications by academics at Marburg University, 13% had appeared in Open Access journals. The University Library supports members of Marburg University by providing the following services for both Green Open Access and Gold Open Access - further services are currently in development:

Support for Authors

Green Open Access

Gold Open Access


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