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Library Card (Ucard)

In order to borrow books from the University Library you need a valid user ID card (Ucard). Your Ucard can be used in the University Library to borrow books and for services provided by the Studentenwerk Marburg (Student Services). The Ucard can be obtained on payment of a deposit of € 5 in the lending department and also in the Student Services offices.

To purchase a Ucard you need a voucher which can be bought at the payment machine (payment by EC-card). Ucards can be collected and activated at the loan desk during the opening hours of the library (Monday-Friday 8 to 18).

  • Library Card for Students

    If you are a student at Marburg University, your Ucard must be activated for use as a library card to borrow books from the University Library. Please present your Ucard and official identity card at the lending department where it can be activated without any need for a formal application.

  • User ID cards for Employees of Philipps-University Marburg

    University staff can be registered on production of their official ID card, their employment contract and their personal Ucard. Both their private address and their office address will be registered. Please complete online the Application for a library user ID card.

    Alternately, employee status can be verified by presentation of a print-out of Staff Account User Data at the Lending department service desk.

    Media borrowed from the University Library holdings are renewed automatically up to 14 times. The renewal is effected three days before the due date if the book has not been reserved in the meantime, and the User ID card has neither been blocked nor expired, and outstanding overdue fines do not exceed 6 €. If a renewal is not possible, you will be sent a reminder by email to return the book.

    Staff working in institutes in Deutschhausstraße or Bunsenstraße can collect their orders personally in the lending department. Staff in all other institutes can have their orders delivered by the university library shuttle service. If you wish to use the university library shuttle service to return books, please pay attention to the service collection times. The book must be returned to the University Library within the lending period, or else overdue fines must be paid. You can contact the university shuttle service via the lending department. Please note that at certain times the delivery service is restricted, e.g. in the Christmas holidays.

  • Personal Institute User ID Card

    University professors may apply for a personal institute user ID card. The application form is available in the lending department. Holders are personally responsible for any books borrowed against it.

    Special borrowing conditions apply to books and media borrowed on the institute user ID card:

    • The lending period is six months for books borrowed from the University Library book stacks. They can be renewed twice (by telephone or email).
    • Reminders to return books do not incur costs.
    • Institute user ID cards CANNOT be used to borrow books from the Library’s textbook collection nor to order books through the inter-library loan service.
    • If a reserve request is submitted for books which have been borrowed on an institute user ID card, these must, if possible, be returned immediately. Otherwise please inform the lending department within a week where the person who reserved the book can consult it.
    • Ucard marked FB as institute User ID card: On no account upload money onto these cards since any credit balance remaining on the card cannot be paid out.
    • When the owner has terminated his/her employment with the university, the card must be returned to the University Library.

  • User ID cards for persons not members of Marburg University

    Anybody who is resident in Germany for at least three months may obtain a user ID card. This applies to persons aged 16 or over. Please complete the Application for a User ID Card. As soon as you have submitted your application, your user ID card can be issued to you in the lending department on production of your official ID card.

  • Where can I activate my Ucard for use in the University Library?

  • For how long is the user ID card valid?

    User ID cards are valid for a limited period only and must be renewed after their expiry date. If you click on your user details in Katalog Plus, you can find the exact expiry date of your card. You can also renew your user ID card by telephone.

    University employees with fixed-term contracts must also produce their current contract of employment or proof of the duration of their membership of the university via HRZ-Account-Information.

  • What should I do if I lose my user ID card?

    A deposit of € 5 must be paid for a library card. If you lose your Ucard please inform the University Library loans department immediately. On payment of € 5 you can obtain a new Ucard.

  • How do I return the user ID card?

    After your library user account has been deleted at the lending department desk in the University Library or in the Central Medical Library, the Ucard can be returned at the following locations:

    • Café Colibri (Atrium in the University Library)
    • Information point in the student services building, Erlenring 5
    • In the student restaurant (Mensa), Lahnberge

    The deposit and any remaining credit will be paid out to you.