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External Online Access

External online access provides access for certain library users to electronic media, such as electronic books, journals, and specialist data bases from outside the university network. These media are fee-based services provided by publishers to which Marburg University Library subscribes. Access to these licensed media is available to members of Marburg University and library visitors free of charge.

  • Who has access to these e-media?

    Access from outside the university network is confined to staff and students of Marburg University. Other users can access these electronic media only from within the relevant university premises.

  • How do I gain access from outside the university network?

    There are different possibilities. Most importantly, you need a valid account from the Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ – University Computer Center):

    Access via EZproxy is the easiest. You can get more information in the following section.

    Access via Shibboleth does not require installation. However, it does not (yet) allow access to a small number of e-media => for further information see below

  • How does access via EZproxy work?

    What is EZproxy?

    EZproxy is a web proxy server offered by Marburg University Library to provide members of Philipps University with access to restricted websites outside the university network.

    How can I log in to EZproxy?

    If you search for e-media via Katalog Plus, you will be automatically redirected to EZproxy when you call up the full text. Here you log in as usual with your university account (Students/Staff).

    If you have accessed an electronic resource directly, i.e. not after searching our catalogs, the content is loaded without EZproxy and is therefore usually not accessible outside the university network. In this case, you can use our bookmarklet to reload the page with EZproxy and access the content. You can find the bookmarklet here.

    How can I check if I am logged in?

    If EZproxy is active, is added to the URL of the accessed electronic resource.

    How can I restore DOI links/permalinks?

    To convert the URL back to a DOI link you need to do the following:

    1. change doi-org to in the link.

    2. delete the following part of the link:


    The URL link is converted to

  • How does access via Shibboleth work?

    Pro internet session you must click on the HRZ Web-Login, in order to authenticate yourself to a publisher.

    The HRZ Web-Login path differs from one provider/publisher to another but usually takes place on the publisher’s internet page via an (institutional) Login, Deutschland/German Higher Education/DFN-AAI and Philipps-Universität Marburg.   

    If you change publisher, then you usually have to select Philipps-Universität Marburg again but you do not need to re-enter your password. 

    HRZ Web-Login

    Further detailed information with operating instructions for Shibboleth.

    Not every publisher or database provider offers this authentification service.

    You can find a current list of participants under If you cannot gain access to any of thesepublishers/providers, please get in contact with Susanne Waldmann, E-Mail: .

  • Who do I contact if I have problems?

    You can contact the e-media team by telephone or send a message to one of  the email addresses below.

    E-Media Team
    Tel.: +49 6421 28-25128