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DFN - German Research Network

The Association for the Promotion of a German Research Network – DFN association - is the central institution of science in Germany for the development and operation of its own communication infrastructure, the German Research Network.

DFN association realizes its statutory purpose in particular by awarding research and development contracts and by organizing services for the use of the German Research Network. It bundles the competence and experience of its members and passes this knowledge on to its users. It represents the interests of science in the national and international environment.


The X-WiN science network is the technical platform of the German Research Network. Via X-WiN, universities, research institutions and research-related companies in Germany are connected to each other, to science networks in Europe and on other continents. In addition, the X-WiN has high-performance exchange points with the general Internet.

With connection capacities of up to 100 gigabits/s and a multi-terabit core network spanning between approximately 60 core network sites, the X-WiN is one of the most powerful communications networks in the world.