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SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol, and is a way to securely transfer files to home and group directories from outside the university network. Depending on which account you use, the servers must be addressed differently.

Client software

While under Linux e.g. Nautlius-Filemanger (Gnome) is usually already included in the basic installation, under Windows you have to install a SFTP program like FileZilla or WinSCP first.


For quick access:

  • Students/Staff-Account: or (Port: 22)
  • AD account: (port: 22)
  • Worth knowing

    In order to prevent password scans from the Internet, the sftp servers refuse to establish another connection to the requesting computer for a certain period of time after 10 failed connection attempts. Since FileZilla makes several connection attempts after a failed connection (e.g. because of a wrong password), you will be blacklisted after only two or three failed attempts. After that, no further connection can be established from this computer, even if all entries are now correct. You will have to wait about 30 minutes until the account is removed from the blacklist.