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Web-Login (Shibboleth)

The HRZ offers a central Shibboleth Identity Provider for login to web applications:

When you log in, you will be personally identified by your Uni-Account and asked to confirm the transfer of application-specific user data to the respective web application. The web application then uses this data to decide whether you are authorized to access the application or not.

Target group:

Students, staff, external people


  • A personal, central user account (Uni-Account) is required.
  • Since the Shibboleth architecture always focuses on the personal identity and its authorizations, a login with functional accounts is not supported.
  • The target application must be connected to our Shibboleth-IdP by SAML2 or CAS or OIDC interface.
  • Authorization for an “institutional login” for external IT services which depend on a license (such as online literature and software downloads) is only granted to formally defined user groups.