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The Philipps University data network/university network (UMRnet) is connected to the Internet via the X-WiN science network of the German Research Network (DFN association). The science network connects universities, research institutions and research-related companies in Germany with each other, with science networks in Europe and on other continents.

The X-WiN is already the fifth generation of the German science network. It is a multi-gigabit core network with a total of about 60 nodes distributed mainly across scientific institutions, of which one node is located at the HRZ Marburg.

X-WiN and Internet connection

Fiber optics are used for primary cabling between buildings and secondary cabling between floors, enabling the creation of a 10 Gb Ethernet core network, with a maximum usable bandwidth of 2 Gbps.

For all hosts that are to be connected to an Ethernet LAN of the UMRnet, the connection must be requested from the HRZ. Hosts that do not offer services on the Internet (especially printers, workstations) can be connected to the UMRnet intranet for protection against attacks from the Internet.

Security measures

The UMRnet is protected by a number of security measures:

  • Virus warning service
  • Virus and spam filter
  • Mailer registration
  • Port filter

Services of the HRZ