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Video surveillance

What is monitored?

Some public PC pools are monitored with video cameras. Appropriate signs are prominently displayed at the entrances to all rooms affected by video surveillance.

Why are we monitoring?

We monitor for your safety and ours. Particularly during the darker months of the year, video surveillance can have a deterrent effect on possible assaults and increase our users' sense of security. We also want to protect the university's property so that it is available for unrestricted use.

How is monitoring done?

Live footage from the cameras is available in some of the HRZ's contact points to the support staff or employees working there. The recorded footage is stored on secured servers of the HRZ for a certain period of time and then overwritten again. available.

What about data protection?

Of course, data protection is adequately taken into account. The stored video data is adequately secured and can only be viewed for law enforcement purposes under strict conditions.