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URL Shortener

A URL shortener (short URL service) can be used to shorten particularly long and complicated web addresses, such as those used for the course catalog. The university's own URL shortener can be accessed at:

as an example can be shortened considerably, and a QR code can also be generated directly if desired:

Your benefit

Short URLs are suitable for

  • passing on web addresses on the phone.
  • printed matter, e.g. flyers or brochures (especially for the generation of QR codes, as these usually require a lower resolution for shorter URLs).
  • the communication of web addresses in emails: long web addresses often become unusable there due to line breaks.
  • the use of micro-blogging services (e.g. Twitter), where only 280 characters per post are permitted.
  • mobile devices with small screens.

Target group

All website visitors


The website to be shortened must contain "".


In operation

  • Support and help

    If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact .

  • Worth knowing

    Bookmarklet (code snippet in bookmark shortens long we address)

    Save the following code snippet (without spaces!) in your browser as bookmark/favorite. To request a short URL for a displayed web page, just click on this bookmark later:


    How it works

    Both the entered web address and the generated short URL are permanently stored in a database. In particular, this means that when a short URL is requested for a web address already known in the system, no new short URL is assigned, but the one already in use. Once assigned, short URLs remain valid indefinitely (at present).

    The generation of the short URL is exclusively random, with a distinction between upper and lower case letters. Defaults for short URLs are not possible.

    Security and restrictions

    With a public/commercial URL shortener there is a risk that short URLs redirect to legally or content-wise dubious or dangerous web pages without being recognizable.

    For security reasons, the shortener is limited to web addresses in the domain "".

    Internet presences of departments, facilities, affiliated or partner institutes that are operated under their own domain can therefore not use the service described here. On the other hand, users of short URLs can be sure that the target address is actually located on a server of the university.