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Virtual Servers / Virtual Machines (VMs)

For IT applications that require their own server environment with their own operating system, the University Computer Center for Research and Education can provide Virtual Servers (synonym: Virtual Machines, "VMs").

A VM offers almost the same possibilities as a "real" hardware server, but is much more flexible in the configuration of resources and can be adapted comparatively easily to changing requirements. The VM is operated by the University Computer Center in a virtualization environment on a server cluster; this allows hardware failures to be bypassed, thus increasing the availability of the IT application. There is also the option of increasing data security by mirroring to a second location.

With the service model offered, the University Computer Center thus takes over the maintenance of the underlying hardware and the (virtual) system environment ("Infrastructure as a Service": IaaS). A VM is handed over by the University Computer Center with a pre-installed operating system (Linux or Windows) to the future administrator of the VM, who is then responsible for the maintenance of the software (IT application and operating system).

Target group

The offer "Virtual Servers" is aimed at university members who independently maintain an IT application in the areas of research or teaching



The VMs are currently operated by the University Computer Center in a VMware cluster. The development of an open source server cloud based on OpenStack is aspired.


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