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Visiting Fellowships

If an institute invites you to work at the university as a fellow you will become a member of the university for the duration of your stay and will be entitled to make use of the facilities and opportunities offered by the university. As such, you will be subject to the terms and regulations obtaining at your host institute. We recommend you to clarify issues like the use of equipment and laboratories and how cooperation with other members of the academic and, if applicable, technical staff at the institute is supposed to work, in practice with your academic host at the earliest opportunity.

Please note that fellows and visiting researchers are not insured by the university. You are obliged to take out health insurance cover yourself. In addition, we recommend you to take out accident and third-party liability insurance cover. Many insurance companies offer appropriate insurance packages.

Finance and funding for research visits to Germany:

There are a number of funding programmes for foreign researchers who want to conduct research in Germany as well as for German researchers who want to return to Germany after spending an extended period abroad. If you are interested in these programmes, EURAXESS Germany maintains a comprehensive database containing more than 80 programmes offered by funding organisations in Germany.

You can also find funding programmes for students, post-graduates and post-docs in the scholarship database run by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

In Marburg: The personnel department at Philipps-Universität Marburg regularly organises continuing education courses for (new) members of staff. Thanks to cooperation between the universities in Marburg and Gießen and the Gießen-Friedberg University of Applied Sciences, staff at all three universities are entitled to sign up for the courses offered by the others.

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For further information please contact:

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EURAXESS Funding Database:
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DAAD funding programmes:
> Information for Foreigners > Support > Scholarship database

ELFI - searching for research funding: ELFI is a service point for ELectronic Research Funding Information in the German-speaking world. ELFI maintains a database that collates and organises information on research funding which is then made available to academics, research officers, students and companies online:

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