23.11.2022 Europe at a Crossroads: German and Irish Reflections on Peace, and Our Shared European Future

Panel Discussion in cooperation with the Consulate-General of Ireland in Frankfurt/Main

Photo: Sandy Halliday

On November 21st, 2022, Philipps-Universität Marburg, as leading institution within EUPeace, had the honour of hosting a panel discussion on „Europe at a Crossroads: German and Irish Reflections on Peace, and Our Shared European Future“. Anchored around the 50th anniversary of Ireland’s membership in the EU, and organized in cooperation of EUPeace partner Maynooth University and the Irish Consulate General in Frankfurt, the event brought together EU experts from academia and politics, to discuss success stories as well as challenges of EU enlargement and to provide different perspectives on past developments current challenges and outlooks on a European future.

In her welcome address, General Consul Flynn stressed the economic growth and social benefit that Ireland experienced during the past 50 years of EU membership, as a model for EU integration. During their impulse statements and the following panel discussion, the panelists critically discussed topics such as the ongoing war in Ukraine, implications of “Brexit” for Ireland, and the rise of populist parties throughout Europe.

Even though lack of a common European narrative and a divided stance of the member states on further enlargement were touched upon as challenges to European integrity, the overall commitment to tackling challenges to ensure a joint European future was the underlying message conveyed throughout the evening.