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Liaison Office Cairo

In 2009, the Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies of the University of Marburg established a liaison office in Cairo with the aim of providing Marburg students and scholars with a local point of contact. In 2011, this became the official Liaison Office of the University of Marburg in Cairo. In the villa, which also houses the local DAAD representation, the University of Marburg has an office with excellent working conditions. Ms. Irene El-Khorazaty represents the University of Marburg on site as a part-time employee. She maintains excellent connections with the local Egyptian universities and can also provide helpful practical tips for living and studying in Cairo. Students of the University of Marburg can contact her at any time. The Liaison Office also hosts numerous events, some of which are open to the public.

Important for students

Here you can find information about the Wafedin Scholarship of the Egyptian Government and scholarship opportunities for German students who want to spend a semester or year abroad in Egypt:
Wafedin Scholarship
DAAD scholarship opportunities


Ms. Irene El-Khorazaty
UMR Cairo Office, 11,
Saleh Ayoub, Zamalek,
Cairo, Egypt
Telephone: 0020 2 2735 27 26 ext. 122
Mobile: 0020 12 2949 9445