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Mark Jakob, Nina Kleinöder, Christian Kleinschmidt (Hrsg.)

Security and Insecurity in Business History

Case Studies in the Perception and Negotiation of Threats


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In business history, the topic of "security" has so far received little systematic attention. This volume makes a first attempt to apply the approaches of historical security research to companies and to analyze the historical dynamics of "security" beyond static concepts of risk using case studies since the late 19th century. In accordance with the theoretical assumptions of historical security research, we assume that the concrete meaning of "security" was negotiated in the respective historical context. The security expectations of companies cannot be explained by their orientation towards market risks alone. Their perception of risk and danger followed historically changeable "security grammars."

Marcus Böick, Christian Kleinschmidt, Mark Jakob & Nina Kleinöder, Sabine Pitteloud, Kristin Stanwick Bårnås, Christian Marx, Ole Sparenberg, Sascha Brünig und Eva Schäffler.

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