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Integrated Graduate School

The aim of the Integrated Graduate School (IGS) is to provide the best possible support for the doctoral candidates realizing their dissertation in the Collaborative Research Center. On the one hand, the content of the IGS supports the doctoral candidates in the targeted completion of their dissertation, on the other hand, it promotes interdisciplinary exchange with scientists within and outside the Collaborative Research Center and the acquisition of additional science-related qualifications.

The program is based on the research profile of the Collaborative Research Center and centers on the regular interdisciplinary colloquium on historical security research, which serves the presentation and joint discussion of the individual doctoral projects. Another fundamental element of the IGS qualification program are the Master Classes organized independently by the doctoral students. In addition, so-called in-depth seminars are organized at irregular intervals, which serve the joint discussion of questions and problems relating to the underlying research program that arise in the course of work on the individual dissertation projects.

Within the framework of the IGS qualification program, the doctoral candidates are given freedom and support for their own initiatives in accordance with their status as junior researchers. At the same time, they have the opportunity to acquire important knowledge and skills for their professional future in the university and non-university sector through the independent organization of various event formats. This goal is also served by the elective element included in the IGS curriculum, which supports doctoral students in acquiring additional qualifications geared to their individual career planning. Another important element of the Integrated Graduate School is the commitment of the postdocs employed in the Collaborative Research Center, who contribute their knowledge and skills to the IGS and thus advise and support the doctoral candidates in both content-related and organizational matters.