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Book Series "Politiken der Sicherheit | Politics of Security"

"Security" is a key concept of our time. Security is established as a central objective in almost all policy areas, and no longer only with regard to international relations, domestic security or social security. Against this background, the book series "Politiken der Sicherheit | Politics of Security" takes a look at how concepts and ideas of security have developed throughout history, from pre-modern times to the present. It focuses on the question of how topics became security topics and what political effects this had and has.

The German- and English-language series is aimed at researchers concerned with dynamics of security as well as with discourses and practices of the production and representation of security. It is interdisciplinary and draws on insights from the historical, social, political, and legal sciences. With its focus on historical security studies, the series is theoretically open and connects to a variety of critical research approaches - such as "securitization" or "human security" - from this field.

Members of the Collaborative Research Center as well as interested external scholars are explicitly invited to publish monographs - also qualification papers - as well as thematic issues and anthologies that offer thematic points of contact in the series.

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