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Christoph Kampmann/ Julian Katz/ Christian Wenzel (Hrsg.)

Recht zur Intervention – Pflicht zur Intervention?

Zum Verhältnis von Schutzverantwortung, Reputation und Sicherheit in der Frühen Neuzeit


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Responsibility to protect and intervention were of central political importance in the early modern period. The guiding question of volume 9 of the book series "Politics of Security" is whether there was a duty to intervene in addition to a right. This directs attention to the relationship of the responsibility to protect to security and reputation, which is the focus of the contributions. Temporally, they range from the 15th to the 18th century. Monarchical duties to protect are addressed as well as confessional ones, confessional legitimations and motives as well as those based on patronage and treaty relations and electoral processes. An important result is a deeper understanding of reputation, which is examined here for the first time as a political guiding factor across the board with reference to changing understandings of security.

Horst Carl, Tilman Haug, Oliver Hegedüs, Joel A. Hüsemann, Christoph Kampmann, Julian Katz, Jacek Kordel, Anja Krause, Johanna Müser, Harriet Rudolph, Erik Swart, Christian Wenzel.

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