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Sigrid Ruby/ Anja Krause (Hrsg.)

Sicherheit und Differenz in historischer Perspektive |
Security and Difference in Historical Perspective


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The contributions examine historical and current conceptions of security, i.e. discourses and practices aiming at collective security, with regard to their interrelationship with categories of difference such as gender, race, status, religion, etc. and their intersection. What does the historical perspective contribute to an intersectional critique of security studies? Multidisciplinary and on the basis of empirically diverse objects of study from the Middle Ages to the present, the perception, interpretation and effects of security-related practices and discourses are analyzed. Volume 10 of the book series "Politiken der Sicherheit" (Politics of Security) is aimed at a specialized audience from historical and social science (security) research, but also at a broader public interested in security and difference.

Gabriele Hackl, Peter Haslinger, Anja Krause, Christine G. Krüger, Florian Neiske, Jorun Poettering, Sigrid Ruby, Stefanie Rüther, Shaundel Sanchez, Marcel Schmeer, Laura Soréna Tittel, Karina Turmann, Huub van Baar, Sigrid Wadauer, Julia Wurr.

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