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Regina Kreide, Andreas Langenohl (Hrsg.)

Conceptualizing Power in Dynamics of Securitization

Beyond State and International System


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This volume poses for the first time the 'power question' in contemporary constructivist security studies. How can power relations affecting problems of security and insecurity be analyzed from a transdisciplinary and historical perspective? This volume brings together contributions from history, art history, political science, sociology, cultural anthropology, and law to explore the hitherto rather implicit question of the conceptual meaning of power in processes of securitization. Through conceptual-theoretical essays and through historical case studies ranging from the 16th to the 21st century, the dominant paradigms of Critical Security Studies, most of which originate in International Relations and often place the state at the center of analysis, are put in a new light.

Hannah Broecker, Carola Dietze, Sebastian Haus, Ana Ivasiuc, Maria Ketzmerick, Katharina Krause, Regina Kreide, Christine Krüger, Andreas Langenohl, Friedrich Lenger, Thilo Marauhn, Marie-Christin Stenzel, Carola Westermeier.

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