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Christine Reinle, Anna-Lena Wendel (Hrsg.)

Das Recht in die eigene Hand nehmen?

Rechtliche, soziale und theologische Diskurse über Selbstjustiz und Rache


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Self-authorized use of violence - whether in the form of revenge or feud - had the potential to threaten the security of a community. The contributors to this volume partly trace the logic of action and the narrative strategies that plausibilized the use of self-authorized violence, and partly examine the legal and religious delegitimization of self-authorized violence. In doing so, they pay particular attention to the efforts of theologians to discredit feudal use of violence as a threat to the salvation of the individual, but also as a problem for the security of all. Since emotions were made the argument for both the justification and the rejection of violent action, individual studies also contribute to the history of emotions.

Maria Pia Alberzoni, Zdeněk Beran, Matthias Berlandi, Simone Brehmer, Maximilian Diesenberger, Jan Hirschbiegel, Peter Hoppenbrouwers, Marius Kraus, Stephen Mossman, Christine Reinle, Stefan Tebruck, Anna-Lena Wendel, Christian Wenzel, Klaus Wolf und Lidia Luisa Zanetti Domingue.

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