20.12.2023 GRK 2973's Christmas Retreat

The first Retreat of MiNu was held on 19 December in a historical building at the town centre.

Group photo showing the attendees of MiNu's Christmas Retreat 2023
Foto: Antje Becker

On 19 December, the first Retreat of MiNu was held in the historical building of the Physiology institute at Deutschhausstraße. A big thank you goes to Prof. Julia Weigand from Pharmaceutical Chemistry for her lecture on “Functional mRNA structures and their interactome”, and to our PhDs for the ensuing lively discussion and the enthusiastic presentations of their favourite methods!

Held so early after the start of the RTG, the 2023 Retreat  came in a mini version, and ended with a short tour of the University's central institutions at the town centre like the central library and the main building - where, by a chain of fortunate events, the President's Christmas Reception over mulled wine and non-alcoholic punch plus a trip to the town's beautifully illuminated Christmas market nicely rounded off the event.