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Epitaxy facilities

2 x 300mm Crius Cluster (Aixtron AG)

  • MOVPE (metal organic vapour phase epitaxy) / CVD (chemical vapour deposition) cluster tool
  • Wafer size: up to 12" (300 mm)
  • CVD machine: Si/Ge/C-epitaxy
  • MOVPE machine: III/V-epitaxy
  • Brooks wafer handler for loading and transfer of substrates
  • Epi Curve TT (LayTec)

2 x 2" III/V-MOVPE-systems (Aixtron AG)

  • Two AIX 200 machines linked by Nitrogen filled glove-box
  • Equipped with EpiRAS (Laytec)
  • Equipped with mass spectrometer (Zeiss)


  • Home-built (MOVPE/CVD) machine
  • possibility for liquid injection