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Textile trade and distribution in antiquity

- International conference -


9th & 10th April 2013

Philipps-Universität Marburg (Germany)


The interdisciplinary conference "Textile trade and distribution in antiquity" aims at providing new insights about the dynamics and extent of the distribution of textiles in antiquity. The main objective is to re-evaluate the ancient economy – using textiles as the key element. Researchers from seven European nations will give lectures covering the fields of Ancient History, Near Eastern Studies, (Textile) Archaeology, Natural Sciences and Economics. This conference will bring together different disciplines and methodological approaches to analyse textile material traded, textile traders and the forming and operating of institutions to ensure a smooth running of all textile exchange processes alike. Moreover, the conference will also include examining the cultural and technological transfer in so-called "contact zones" and ancient trading routes.

A specific slot will be provided within the programme for poster sessions. The organiser invites proposals for posters on all fields of ancient textiles and/or ancient economic research. Posters are intended as a format for work-in-progress reports. Postdocs, doctoral researchers and junior colleagues are encouraged to submit, but the poster session is also open to senior colleagues.

The proposal should consist of a summary of not more than 500 words (in German or English) and a draft of the poster layout, and should be structured in the following way:

  • What is the main research question?
  • What is the source base of the analysis?
  • Which methodological approach is used?

Please also provide your full contact details and a short CV (max. 2 pages).

A selection committee will review the proposals. Authors of selected posters will receive detailed guidelines concerning presentation and dimensions. Posters will be printed by the conference organiser. The abstracts of all accepted posters will be given to all conference attendees and published on the conference website.

Deadline for proposals would be 15th January.

More information on the conference can be found at the conference website in English and German.

Dr. Kerstin Droß-Krüpe
Seminar für Alte Geschichte
Wilhelm-Röpke-Str. 6C
D-35032 Marburg


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