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Publikationen in begutachteten Zeitschriften
(Peer-reviewed Journals)
2000 - 2005


RATHMACHER, G.; CREMER, E.; MENGEL, C.; LIEPELT, S.; LEYER, I.; BIALOZYT, R.; SCHMITT, H.-P., ZIEGENHAGEN, B.: A DNA marker assisted procedure to evaluate and certify seed source stands for forest conversion programmes - A case study in European beech, submitted.

ZIEGENHAGEN, B.; GNEUSS, S.; RATHMACHER, G.; LEYER, I.; BIALOZYT, R.; HEINZE, B.; LIEPELT, S.: A fast and simple genetic monitoring  reveals the spread of poplar hybrids at a natural Elbe river site. Conservation Genetics, last revision.


LIEPELT, S.; SPERISEN, C.; DEGGUILLOUX, M.-F.; PETIT, R.J.; KISSLING, R.; SPENCER, M.; DE BEAULIEU, J.-L.; TABERLET, P.; GIELLY, L.; ZIEGENHAGEN, B. (2006): Authenticated DNA from ancient wood remains. Annals of Botany, doi:10.1093/aob/mcl188.

STARK, C.; LIEPLET, S.; DIEKVOSS, M.; BARTSCH, D.; ZIEGENHAGEN, B.; ULRICH, A. (2006): Fast and simple monitoring of introgressive gene flow from wild beet into sugar beet. Journal of Sugar Beet, 43, 145-154.

CREMER, E.; LIEPELT, S.; SEBASTIANI, F.; BUONAMICI, A.; MICHALCZYK, I.M.; MENGEL, C.; ZIEGENHAGEN, B.; VENDRAMIN, G.G. (2006): Identification and characterization of nuclear microsatellite loci in Abies alba Mill. Molecular Ecology Notes, 6, 374-376.

MICHALCZYK, I.M.; SEBASTIANI, F.; BUONAMICI, A.; CREMER, E.; MENGEL, C.; ZIEGENHAGEN, B.; VENDRAMIN, G.G. (2006): Characterization of highly polymorphic nuclear microsatellite loci in juniper, Juniperus communis L. Molecular Ecology Notes, 6, 346-348.


BIALOZYT, R.; ZIEGENHAGEN, B.; PETIT, R.J. (2005): Contrasting effects of long distance seed dispersal on genetic diversity during range expansion. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, doi:10.1111/j.1420-9101.2005.00995.x.

WACHOWIAK, W.; STEPHAN, R.; SCHULZE, I.; PRUS-GLOWACKI, W.; ZIEGENHAGEN, B. (2005): A critical evaluation of reproductive barriers between closely related species using DNA markers - a case study in Pinus. Plant Systematics and Evolution, doi: 10.1007/s00606-005-0363-z.

ZIEGENHAGEN, B.; KUHLENKAMP, V.; FADY, B.; LIEPELT, S. (2005): Differentiation of groups of Mediterrenean firs (Abies spp.) using a simple molecular marker. Silvae Genetica, 54, 3: 123-126.


DEUTSCH, F.; KUMLEHN, J.; ZIEGENHAGEN, B.; FLADUNG, M. (2004): Stable haploid poplar callus lines from immature pollen culture. Physiologia Plantarum, 120: 613-614.

GÖMÖRY, D.; LONGAUER, R.; BALLIAN, B.; BRUS, R.; KRAIGHER, H.; PARPAN, V.I.; PARPAN, T.V.; STUPAR, V.I.; LADISLAV, P.; LIEPELT, S.; ZIEGENHAGEN, B. (2004): Variation patterns of mitochondrial DNA of Abies alba Mill. in suture zones of postglacial migration in Europe. Acta Societatis Botanicorum Polonia, 73: 203-206.

FLADUNG, M.; NOWITZKI, O.; ZIEGENHAGEN, B.; MARKUSSEN, T. (2004): Identification of transgenes from wood of genetically transformed poplar trees. Wood Science and Technology, 38 (3): 207-215.

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SCHUELER, S.;  ZIEGENHAGEN, B.; SCHOLZ, F.;  LIESEBACH, H. (2005): Genetic structure of an insect pollinated forest tree: A study on Prunus avium L. using microsatellites. Forest Genetics, 11 (3-4): 249-255.


FLADUNG, M.; NOWITZKI, O.; ZIEGENHAGEN, B.; KUMAR, S. (2003): Vegetative dispersal capacity of field released transgenic aspen trees is besides generative propagation also an important component in risk assessment. Trees, Structure and Function, 17: 412-416.

ZIEGENHAGEN, B., BIALOZYT, R., KUHLENKAMP. V., SCHULZE, I., ULRICH, A., WULF, M. (2003): Spatial patterns of maternal lineages and clones of Galium odoratum in a large ancient woodland - inferences about seedling recruitment. Journal of Ecology, 91: 578-586.

ZIEGENHAGEN, B., LIEPELT, S., KUHLENKAMP, V., FLADUNG, M. (2003): Molecular identification of individual oak and fir trees from maternal tissues of their seeds. Trees, Structure and Function, 17: 345-350.

SCHUELER, S., TUSCH, A., SCHUSTER, M., ZIEGENHAGEN, B. (2003): Characterization of microsatellites in wild and sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) - markers for individual identification and reproductive processes. Genome, 46: 95-102.

CREMER, E., LIEPELT, S., ZIEGENHAGEN, B., HUSSENDÖRFER E. (2003): Combined use of chloroplast DNA-microsatellite and isozyme gene markers for seed source identification in silver fir. Forest Genetics, 10: 165-171.


LIEPELT, S., BIALOZYT, R., ZIEGENHAGEN, B. (2002): Wind-dispersed pollen mediates postglacial gene flow among refugia. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 99: 14590-14594.

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PETIT, R.J., BREWER, S., BORDÁCS, S., BURG, K., CHEDDADI, R., COART, E., COTTRELL, J., CSAIKL, U.M., DEANS, J.D., FINESCHI, S., FINKELDEY, R., GOICOECHEA, P., JENSEN, J., KÖNIG, A., LOWE, A., MADSEN, F.S., MÁTYAS, G., MUNRO, R.C., OLEDSKA, I., POPESCU, F., DANKO, S., TABENER, H., VAN DAM, B., ZIEGENHAGEN, B., DE BEAULIEU, J.L., KREMER, A. (2002): Identification of refugia and postglacial colonisation routes of European white oaks based on chloroplast DNA and fossil pollen evidence. Forest Ecology and Management, 156 (1-3): 49-74.


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PARANI, M.; LAKSHMI, M.; ZIEGENHAGEN, B.; FLADUNG, M.; SENTHILKUMAR, P., PARIDA, A. (2000): Molecular phylogeny of Mangroves VII. PCR-RFLP of trnS-psbC and rbcL gene regions in 24 mangrove and mangrove-associate species. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 100: 454-460.

Buchkapitel und Tagungsbände
2000 - 2005


ZIEGENHAGEN, B.; LIEPELT S. (2005): Wood DNA fingerprinting - New perspectives of controlling the chain of custody. In: Results of genetic field trials and laboratory studies and their applications in practical forestry. Tagungsband der 11. Arbeitstagung des Forum Genetik - Wald - Forstwirtschaft (Hrsg. Bayerisches Amt für forstliche Saat- und Pflanzenzucht, Teisendorf) vom 20.-22. September 2004 in Teisendorf, S. 172-178.


VENDRAMIN, G.G., SCOTTI, I., ZIEGENHAGEN, B. (2004): Microsatellites in forest trees: characteristics, identification and applications. In: Kumar S, Fladung M (eds) Molecular Genetics and Breeding of Forest Trees. The Haworth Press, Inc. Bringhamton, NY, USA, pp 359-386.

ZIEGENHAGEN, B., BIALOZYT, R., LIEPELT, S. (2004): Contrasting molecular markers reveal: gene flow via pollen is much more effective than gene flow via seeds. In: Biological Resources and Migration (Werner, D., ed.). Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, 239-251.

ZIEGENHAGEN, B.; FLADUNG, M. (2004): DNA Markers for Identification and Evaluation of Genetic Resources in Forest Trees - Case studies in Abies, Picea and Populus.  In: Reihe -Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry- (Nagat, T.; Lörz, H.; Widholm J.M) hier: Molecular Markers in Plant Breeding and Crop Improvement- (Lörz, H. & G. Wenzel, eds.). Springer Verlag Heidelberg, pp 413-429.


ZIEGENHAGEN, B., BRETTSCHNEIDER, R., KUHLENKAMP, V., FLADUNG, M. (2002): Non-radioactive DIG-labelled AFLPs for application in forest trees. In: Luminescence Biotechnology: Instruments and Applications. Van Dyke, K., Van Dyke, C., Woodfork, K. (eds.). CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, USA, p 211-222.


ZIEGENHAGEN, B., DEGEN, B., PETIT, R.J., ANZIDEI, M., MADAGHIELE, A., SCHOLZ, F., VENDRAMIN, G.G. (2001): Highly polymorphic uniparentally inherited DNA markers for spatial genetic analysis of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) populations. In: Genetic Response of Forest Systems to Changing Environmental Conditions. Müller-Starck, G., Schubert, R. (eds.). Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 2001, S. 139-149 = Forest Tree Sciences, Vol. 70.


FLADUNG, M., TUSCH, A., MARKUSSEN, T., ZIEGENHAGEN, B. (2000): Analysis of morphological mutants in Picea. In: Proceedings of the International Congress "Applications of Biotechnology to Forest Genetics" (Biofor 99), Vitoria-Gasteiz, 22.-25. September 1999, Hrsg. S. Espinel, E. Ritter, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, 2000, S. 167-170.

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